Looking to build your own facility or need some construction and budgeting advice?

Many companies prefer to own their own premises rather than enter into a lease agreement. With over 35 years experience designing and constructing commercial office buildings, Graystone and the BTP team can work with you to design your dream building.

Graystone is a widely-respected project management & construction company with over 300 projects to its name. In managing all aspects of the design and delivery of new buildings, Graystone is able to maintain control over budget and time, using a tried and tested methodology that is focused on the client’s needs.

Our process:

  1. Preliminary meetings to develop a project brief
  2. Prepare architectural plans so you can visualise your new building
  3. Develop a detailed cost plan so you can consider all of the elements that will make up your new building.
  4. Secure all necessary development and building approvals
  5. Agree terms on a fixed price construction contract.
  6. Commence construction!

After construction has commenced we will schedule fortnightly project control group meetings with you to update date you on all project milestones.

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Puma Energy Australian Headquarters
365 Macarthur Avenue
BTP Northshore Hamilton
Sqm: 6,000

Date Completed:17/09/2016

Meeting Spaces

Professional and affordable meeting spaces in
three locations across Brisbane.  


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