5Tales Digital Marketing Fast Five

Five Tales_BTP Westlink GreenThis quarter we ask BTP Westlink Green occupant, 5tales, five questions about their precinct.

Where is your favourite place to get a coffee at BTP Westlink Green?

Mr Coffee’s! Located right across the road.

Why did your business choose BTP Westlink Green?

Locality, price and service. We looked all around Brisbane, however, we were most impressed by BTP Westlink Green.

What community events would you like to see within the precinct?

Events where various guest speakers are brought in to speak on their field of expertise.

What do you like most about this location?

The fresh feel to the offices plus having a bowls club next door is nice.

How do you find the facilities at the BTP Hub?

We like the breakout areas for when we are doing brainstorming sessions amongst the team.

5Tales is a digital marketing agency based at BTP Westlink Green. They help businesses by providing clarity on how to establish and grow their brand and assist in the creation of effective market strategies. For more information, visit: 5tales.com

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