Anteo Technologies Making Waves With New Bioseparations Patent

Anteo Technologies LabOn the 24th of February, Brisbane Technology Park occupant, Anteo Technologies announced the lodgement of a new bioseparations patent application.

The patent for sample pre-treatment marks a new era in laboratory testing and Anteo Technologies anticipates that the use of the methodology, which decreases or removes interference and contamination in test samples, will result in faster and more efficient testing and a reduction in medical costs.

Rachel de las Heras, Head of Commercialisation at Anteo Technologies, said, “Currently pathology labs get a lot of tests that have to be re-tested in a different manner. The patent reduces both the need for repeat testing and the number of patient samples that don’t give an accurate read out because of naturally occurring interfering substances found within the human body. It is also scalable and has an easy manufacturing process.”

This is only one of many new patents the company has filed in recent years, all in relation to bioseperations. Dr Geoff Cumming, CEO of Anteo Technologies said, “This is a positive step forward as we continue to build our suite of patents using our technology platform, Mix&GoTM. Our latest application builds on previously filed patents and strengthens our IP position.” Anteo is a market leader in creating surface chemistry products for application in diagnostics in the life sciences industry.

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