BTP’s Business Leaders: Naomi Robinson

Noami Robinson - BTP WLGNaomi Robinson
Regional Manager, Australasia
What unique skills and experience do you bring to your role?
I’m an enterprising business development specialist with dual business and marketing diplomas. I work with a passion to assist companies to grow their client branding within our global or regional network of Mining Intelligence. My specialities include product development, account management, event logistics and corporate communications within the Australian/South East Asia region clientele.
How did you get into this role and what were some hurdles or achievements you encountered along the way?
I applied though an ad in the classifieds. After successfully managing a website for a different company from my home office while raising young children, it was time to get back out of the house and explore new opportunities and grow. I believe my skills for management and organisation in less-than-optimal environments (i.e. juggling babies and heavy workloads) shone through and I won this opportunity for my skill and confidence.

What do you believe you bring to your company?
I bring authenticity. I don’t believe in feeling I have to act a ‘certain way’ in order to be successful. Women don’t need to pretend they are tough as nails. Lack of sincerity breeds mistrust in clients and colleagues so I focus on being myself. I embrace and play to my strengths and have humility and willingness to learn where I lack in others.

What do you attribute your success in the workforce to?
It really comes down to personality. I’ve always been fiercely independent, confident and determined to succeed if I put my mind to it. Some may say I’ve had ‘good luck’ – I don’t believe in good luck without hard work and preparation. A sense of self-belief, ambition and confidence has been required for sure. In a predominantly male-dominated industry it can be tough. I have to be persistent and never give up. I seek out both strong female and male leaders as mentors who appreciate the unique talents of women in the workforce. Smart businessmen realise that if nurtured and developed, women can be a very powerful and highly successful combination for any business!

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