BTP Business Leaders: Cameron Smith, Black Ink Cafe

BTP Insider talks to Cameron Smith, Owner of Black Ink Espresso, the latest cafe to open at Brisbane Technology Park. 

Cameron Smith Black Ink BTP How long have you been involved in the coffee industry?

I have been involved in the coffee industry for the past 12 years. I started my journey as a barista in a small café in Wooloongabba. It was there I became fascinated with coffee and the preparation of espresso. I surrounded myself with people who had a stronger skill set than me and a greater understanding of coffee in order to extract the “perfect” espresso. Alongside this growing love of coffee, I also swam competitively and was lucky enough to be a member of the Australian Dolphins from 2005 through to my retirement from the sport in 2010.

What led you to open your own cafe?

Soon after graduating I was offered a job with local coffee roaster Arabica Coffee. For me this was the perfect transition into post-university, working life. Working for a coffee roasting company opened my eyes and showed me a side to the industry which I had not yet encountered. It re-ignited my passion for coffee and gave me a far greater understanding of coffee chemistry and as a result, an edge in creating the “perfect” espresso. It was then I decided that this was the industry I wanted to work in for the rest of my life. In December 2015 I started my own coffee roasting company, Black Ink Coffee.

What made you choose Brisbane Technology Park?

When the opportunity to open a Café in Brisbane Technology Park came up, I knew this would be the perfect location for me to showcase my brand (Black Ink Coffee) and so Black Ink Espresso was born. Since we opened, the support from Brisbane Technology Park locals has been extremely humbling. We look forward to meeting many more of the resident companies in 2017 as we continue our quest for the “perfect” espresso.

Black Ink is located on the ground floor of 4 Clunies Ross Court. Pop in for breakfast or lunch and meet the Black Ink team, from 6:30am Monday – Friday.

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