BTP Business Leaders: Mihajlo Naumovic

In June 2016,  BTP Insider spoke with Mihajlo Naumovic, COO at DEJAN SEO, about what makes him a successful leader.

What does yomihajlo_naumovic_dejan_med_2014-2ur role entail?

My role at DEJAN is chief operating officer. That includes day-to-day running of the business; recruitment and HR; dealing with our P&L and projecting our cash flow forecasts. We are still a medium size company so I get to act as an executive on a lot of decisions referred to me by the Managing Director.

How did you get into this role and what were some hurdles or achievements you encountered along the way?

A while back I acquired a bachelor degree in digital media. While studying I met a founder of DEJAN who is a visionary in the SEO industry. We went our own ways and did our own thing for a few years. I was project managing in the video game industry in a couple of different studios. The game industry started disintegrating and I spotted a twitter post from Dan at DEJAN looking for a project manager, so I gave him a call. We had a great chat and I came on board. This was almost five ye
ars ago now. In the first two years when I joined we were doubling our revenue year-on-year. There was a lot of work involved with that growth, a lot of systems to put in place. We have since had other challenges to do with our product, services, changes in the market and competitors.

What do you believe you bring to your company?

In the early stages we required a process-driven approach and order. My background is in lean and agile project management so my outlook is always about finding a balance between the creative and productive. I’ve been working on getting my MBA which brings a lot more official business, leadership and financial knowledge. I have also been looking at improving our business development team as well as keeping an eye on the emerging Australian start-ups.

What do you attribute your success in the workforce to?

I would like to think honesty and transparency had something to do with where I am now. I don’t like playing games whether it’s within the team here at DEJAN or talking to other executives and business owners.

What do you have in store for the future?

We would love to be able to focus more on the software side. In the last four years we’ve invested a lot of time and resources into useful tools for marketers and business owners globally. Next step is to turn those tools into commercial products that can generate their own revenue stream.

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