BTP Movers and Shakers: i4 Solutions

i4-solutions-webEach month we welcome new businesses to the BTP community. This month we spoke with Daryn Kitchener and his team at i4 Solutions.

What does your company specialise in?

We specialise in Desktop, Web and Mobile applications for small-to-medium businesses throughout Australia and overseas. As “Nerds for Hire” we provide businesses with a range of solutions to common problems. Whether you need data capture, reporting or even integration with current systems, we can build it for you!

Do you have an existing relationship with a BTP occupant or do you see an opportunity for new relationships in the future?

Not at the moment, but we’re always happy to talk to anyone within the BTP community. We can come up with solutions to just about any problem they’ve got.

In what ways do you think being a part of the BTP community will help your company grow?

I think the big thing for us is how central it is to everything. It’s close to the airport, city and most major facilities we need. The general setup of the BTP Hub is spot on. It’s not overkilled with services we don’t need, the space is good, the quality is excellent, it’s presentable at all times and meets the need of our team and clients. There’s nothing better than our clients coming in and saying, “WOW! This is sensational!”

What influenced your decision to make the move to BTP Northshore Hamilton?

In a nutshell: price, locality and features. The bottom line is the model you’ve got here exceeds market expectations and is very competitive on all fronts.

Contact i4 Solutions:
07 3333 1935

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