BTP Movers and Shakers: IntegraPay

Every month new businesses join the BTP community. This month we spoke with Chris Urry, CEO of IntegraPay.

Chris Urry IntegraPay Brisbane Technology ParkWhat does your company specialise in?
IntegraPay provides innovative payment solutions for businesses of every size. We help them get paid by credit card and direct debit, by creating customised solutions that free up cash flow, connect with accounting and business administration systems, and provide robust security for the protection of data for our clients and their customers.

Where a business has a need to get paid (and don’t they all?) IntegraPay has the technology to make that happen.
We service thousands of clients and business partners around the world from our Brisbane office, ranging from the smallest of micro-businesses like personal trainers and child care centres, to enterprise level business, government and corporate clients.

Do you have an existing relationship with a BTP occupant or do you see an opportunity for future relationships?
We work closely with SimPro in BTP by providing them with the payment solutions that are offered to their clients. We’re very excited to get to know our fellow businesses at BTP. IntegraPay’s enormous growth has been built on strategic partnerships and great relationships with our clients, so we intend to get out and meet other businesses in the BTP community.

In what ways do you think being a part of the BTP community will help your company grow? IntegraPay Brisbane Technology Park
IntegraPay is located in the amazing new building at the front entrance to Brisbane Technology Park, and our fitout is second to none! The modern and innovative space takes inspiration from creative workspaces around the world. We really wanted a space that was unique, functional and inspired energy and creativity. We’ve included a breakout room with artificial grass, beanbags and modern pendant lighting; bright work spaces using our iconic pink and orange colour palette; and a huge graffiti wall painted by Gold Coast artist, Tony Lawrence. The space reflects our commitment to cutting edge technology and design, and we feel confident this will be the perfect place for IntegraPay to continue to grow globally.

What influenced your decision to make the move to the business and technology precinct?
We were located in Mount Gravatt before, and we wanted to move near-by but enjoy a more innovative location.
The new offices, the proximity to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and the great connectivity combined to make BTP the location of choice for IntegraPay.

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