BTP Movers and Shakers: NorrisECT

Every month we welcome new businesses to the BTP community. This month we spoke with Stuart Norris from NorrisECT, who have moved into the BTP Hub, 1 Westlink Court, BTP Westlink Green.

Stuart Norris, Engineer, NorrisECT

Stuart Norris, Engineer, NorrisECT

What does your company specialise in?

NorrisECT specialise in improving and optimising the harvest and logistics of sugarcane. We work in Australia and around the world consulting, designing and selling our equipment, and most recently developing software for sugarcane industries. We’ve worked with some of the biggest sugar milling companies in Asia and Africa, and have completed studies for the World Bank in Africa.

Do you have an existing relationship with a BTP occupant or do you see an opportunity for new relationships in the future?

We don’t have existing relationships with BTP occupants, and while I haven’t noticed any potential clients, I have noticed a few business names on the list that may be good partners for future work.

In what ways do you think being a part of the BTP Community will help your company grow?

BTP works well for us as a business at this point in time – it gives us the flexibility and independence of a standalone office with the facilities and infrastructure of a serviced office, without the cost of a fully serviced office. It is early days yet, however I’d like to think that opportunities to work with other tenants may also arise in the future.

What influenced your decision to make the move to BTP Westlink Green?

   BTP Westlink Green suited us as we all live on the west side of town, and BTP offered what we needed in terms of
   office space without having to fight through city-bound traffic every day.

   Contact NorrisECT: 07 3368 0300

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