Is your business ready for the Games?

Commonwealth Games 2018The City of Gold Coast is proud to be hosting the largest event in Australia this decade – the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).

During GC2018 there will be daily changes to the transport network that will affect businesses and the way that they operate, including some of those located within Brisbane Technology Park, BTP Westlink Green and BTP Northshore Hamilton.

It will be important for you to understand the challenges and how to plan ahead for changes relating to:

  • staff and business related travel
  • freight, servicing and deliveries
  • customer and visitor travel

The Get Set for the Games Trave Advice for Business Program offers practical advice, resources and workshops to businesses to help them keep moving during GC2018.  The free program will help businesses with their Games planning in the following ways:

  • explain the impacts of GC2018 on your business operations
  • provide support through one-on-one engagement sessions, workshops, guest speaker slots and informative newsletters
  • assistance to develop a customised Games Travel Action Plan
  • ensure they have access to the latest information and support to help them bring their Games travel plans to life

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All businesses are encouraged to join the GC2018 Travel Advice for Business Program to ensure that they have access to the right support and information.

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