Digital Marketing: Avoiding the Traps

In an increasingly fast and interconnected world, where people spend much of their working life on tablets, mobile phones and laptops, digital marketing is becoming crucial to the survival of the small business.

“Since Google’s recent algorithm changes on April 21st, which rewards websites that are optimised for mobile device viewing and demotes those that aren’t, this has never been more true,” says Marina Sipka, DEJAN’s Marketing, PR and Business Development Coordinator.
“Our phones and tablets are no longer content consumption, social media and entertainment devices. There is a growing number of people who perform serious tasks on mobile devices, including transactional activities such as bookings, enquiries and purchases.”
However, Ms. Sipka warns that the marketing industry is unregulated and small businesses need to be careful who they trust. “Web marketing firms now offer guarantees they will set their clients on the first page of Google. This has been debunked by Google, but businesses still fall for the tricks. Instead, a good provider will take time to understand a business and help them earn their position.”
When looking for a reliable digital marketing company, Ms. Sipka suggests taking a look on their blog: if there are very few or no shares on their articles, then it’s likely the company doesn’t provide the quality of service they purport to offer.
But there are other traps small businesses need to take care to avoid, like chasing more traffic rather than focusing on visitor conversion rates. “We help our clients convert visitors into customers through conversion optimisation, which tests different types of pages, content and design elements to see which one will convert better. This has a huge impact on a website’s role in lead generation.”
Ms. Sipka also explained that businesses often attempt to do too many things at the same time. “We tend to prioritise activities starting with those that we know will bring the quickest return on investment. The best way to do this is by looking at your data. That’s the beauty of digital marketing: the data is proof of what works and what doesn’t.”
DEJAN is a Brisbane Technology Park based digital marketing and SEO company. With an Australian head office but worldwide recognition, DEJAN specialise in technical and strategic search engine optimisation solutions designed to drive traffic and sales to local business, e-Commerce and corporate websites. Find them at:

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