FreshView: New Innovation From Pacific Data Systems

Pacific Data Systems’ new FreshView EC12 Ripening Controller system has been grabbing plenty of attention of late with local MP for Stretton, Duncan Pegg, and QLD Treasurer, Curtis Pitt, visiting BTP to inspect this ground breaking system in August. 
The system, which is the latest technology to monitor, control, ripen, degreen and store fruit and perishables, was also presented at the Asia Fruit Logistica 2015 in Hong Kong. Paul Gapes, General Manager at Pacific Data Systems, attended the event and said, “It was a good opportunity to present and discuss the EC12 system to both the end user and organisations involved in fruit ripening. The positive feedback we received was encouraging, and as a result, we will also be attending Fruit Logistica 2016 in Berlin, Germany to showcase the EC12.”  

The fully automated system is gaining attention due to its measuring and controlling capabilities across multiple parameters and multiple ripening rooms. It also offers maximum flexibility with modular design, simple installation process, and a control system that operates via a touch-screen display. 

“The EC12 provides the industry with a safer method of monitoring and maintaining set ethylene, carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, pulp temperature and oxygen levels in ripening rooms. These are all factors that can influence the ripening process and will ultimately lead to a higher standard of presentation, longer shelf life and a more uniformly ripened, tastier piece of fruit,” Mr. Gapes explained.

As well as being simple and intuitive to use, Mr. Gapes says the system is also highly secure, whether it’s operated locally or remotely via the web portal. “Multiple password entry restricts access to various functions of the EC12. In addition, the system records each and every time a change is made to operational parameters which provides traceability and drives accountability,” Mr. Gapes said.  “The EC12 system is currently being utilised by a local fresh fruit wholesaler at the Brisbane Markets, which has been very exciting,” Mr. Gapes added. “We look forward to assisting other organisations interested in implementing and adopting this technology to improve the handling of their products and maximising their return on investment.”

Pacific Data Systems is a technology company based at Brisbane Technology Park. For more information on the EC12, visit:

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