Hiring & Firing: The Ins & Outs of Modern HR

Businesswoman Interviewing Male Candidate For JobPeople are the foundation of every business, yet finding the right person for a job can be a very time-consuming process.

“It’s a lot harder to be profitable and successful than it was 10 years ago. Businesses increasingly need to ensure that they are maximising their workforce; their most expensive, and valuable, resource,” Simon Meade, Owner of Strategy One Human Resources, said.

According to Mr. Meade, one of the main problems businesses face when recruiting is giving a clear picture of the role they are trying to fill.

“Job descriptions often don’t accurately convey the requirements of the role or the environment in which a candidate will be placed. This invariably leads to disappointment on both sides. Employers need to take the time to clearly articulate the full range of responsibilities associated with a role so a candidate can determine if the position matches their unique skill set.”

Mr. Meade said that while employers should not discriminate, it is important that the people they recruit are a good fit with the work environment. “Are there particular types of personalities within the work force that require sensitive management? Has the candidate worked in a similar environment? A recruitment consultant plays a vital role in ensuring the candidate is compatible with the culture you’ve created and the expectations you have.”

When businesses do find that they have hired someone that isn’t a match, Mr. Meade advised that they need to be mindful of the six month probationary period. “While unfair dismissal laws do not apply during this period, businesses must still act lawfully and can’t discriminate. In the end though, no amount of training and mentoring can change a person that doesn’t have the necessary commitment or skills for the role.”

Mr. Meade also explained that it was important that employers be familiar with the national employment standards and employee job classifications and pay rates. “We find that many employers don’t know which award their employees are covered by.”

For companies with fluctuating workloads and a significant proportion of casual staff, the use of recruitment companies is almost vital.

“Businesses often struggle to recruit in house. The recruitment industry is fast paced and relies on people who are super switched on, have good judgment, and have an enormous appetite for pressure. Recruitment consultants often work long hours and they need to be committed and have plenty of stamina,” Mr. Meade explained.

“Recruitment consultants can’t replace someone in 20 minutes and clients can’t expect a new employee to perform in the same way as someone that has been in a role for many years: these things take time. At the end of the day our product is people, not pens, and people have their own idiosyncrasies, so you have to engage with them and give guidance and encouragement if they are going to perform at their best.”

Strategy One is a Brisbane Technology Park occupant that provides organisations in the industrial, commercial, electrical, logistics and construction industries with high quality personnel and employment services.

For more information, visit www.strategy1hr.com.au or contact Emily Burns on (07) 3290 2226.

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