Micreo Limited Wins DST Group Achievement Award

Micreo LimitedIn December 2015, Micreo Limited Managing Director, Tim Shaw received a Defence Science & Technology (DST) Group Achievement award.


Presented by Dr. Adrian Paterson, CEO of ANSTO, at an event held in Canberra, the award recognises Micreo’s partnership with DST Group, the Australian Military Sales Office (AMSO) and the Counter Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Task Force in developing, manufacturing and deploying specialised force protection systems for coalition partner security forces.
“The DST Group Achievement Award provides public recognition for Micreo and our staff who participated in a very important program called REDWING. Initiated by the Australian Department of Defence, REDWING is a DST Group development of specialised force protection systems initiated in response to an operational requirement, established by the Australian Defence Force Counter IED Task Force,” Mr. Shaw said.

“Under the REDWING program, two system variants and a test device have been developed to counter specific Radio Controlled IED threats. GREENGUM is for use by dismounted forces, and GREYGUM is a system fitted to light vehicles. These systems have been designed to be low-cost, robust and lightweight force protection systems for use in austere operating environments by military and police units requiring minimal operator training and limited logistic support,”


Mr. Shaw explained that Micreo’s key to success in the defence electronics sub-systems market is reliability of supply. “We supply products which consistently meet all specifications, at the right price, and on time. In order to remain competitive internationally, Micreo has to continuously improve manufacturing processes and efficiency and introduce innovative technology to reduce both the time to market for new products as well as the manufacturing cycle times for existing products.”


Micreo also works closely with local universities by providing scholarships and work experience opportunities to engineering and technical students, with 40 trainees having worked on the REDWING program. “We require engineering talent across a broad range of disciplines – radio frequency, digital, analogue, mechanical and systems engineering – and our aim is to raise awareness of these engineering specialties amongst students right at the start of their studies. As a result, a number of our engineering staff have been employed full-time after undertaking work experience at Micreo.”
Micreo Limited is a Brisbane Technology Park occupant. The Australian-based company was founded in 2002. Their core business is the design and manufacture of radio frequency and photonic products for radar and electronic warfare avionic systems. To learn more, visit: micreo.com


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