Moving Your Startup To An Office

So you’ve reached the point where you need to expand your startup from a shared coworking office space into something more professional, more stable and more in keeping with where your business is heading.

But looking for a commercial office space to rent can be extremely daunting. What to look for, what to pay and what you need is something that you might not realise until you’ve got a long-term lease and it’s too late to make changes. So we’ve put together some tips for you so that you can make the right decision, the first time.


How Soon Should You Start Looking For an Office to Rent

For smaller office requirements, we suggest starting to look for your new space one – three months before your move in date. Give yourself plenty of time to look  around and see what’s out there. Make sure that you know what’s available and where and try to get an idea of how different offices are fitted out and what solution will work for you.


Is There Room to Grow?

Consider the growth of your business and the direction that you want it to take in the next 3-5 years. If you’re looking to double your business in 5 years, you’ll need to consider this before you lease an office. Make sure that you’ve got the space that you need to grow.  

You might want to consider a shorter-term commitment that enables you to expand into larger premises as your business requirements change.   This means that you won’t be paying for office space until you actually need it.


Choose the Right Location

The city centre is where everyone wants to be. It’s central, everyone can get there easily and there’s always tonnes of food and shopping options! Right?

Not necessarily.

Working in the city has its benefits, but there are a few things to think about.

  • Is it really easy for everyone to access? Public transport always goes to the CBD, but not everyone lives near public transport and will need to drive, then catch a bus or train extending their commute time.
  • Do you have clients coming to visit? Unless your clients work nearby they are likely to drive to your CBD meeting and will have to pay substantial parking costs for the privilege.
  • With higher city rents, you may struggle to find a space that ticks all the boxes with enough room for you and your team to work, take phone calls, have meetings, take breaks and be comfortable in a space.

There are distinct disadvantages to working in a city centre.   Some of the benefits associated with moving your business to a location outside the city include:

  • Cost effective rents
  • Varied parking options
  • Shorter commute time
  • Work options close to home
  • Drive against the traffic
  • Ease of access

And just because you’re not in the city, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of options for food, restaurants and shops. And the bonus is that it’s not as busy as a city centre and you can get your mid-week errands completed more efficiently!

Business and Technology Precincts have 3 locations across Brisbane, all less than 20km from the city with close public transport, parking options and state of the art amenities. Check out Brisbane Technology Park, Westlink Green and Northshore Hamilton for more information


Is There a Community

If you’re coming from a shared coworking office environment, you’ll know that the communal spaces can be both a blessing and a curse.

The community in a shared office space can make you feel connected, it creates a space to share business ideas and can even lead to more business! On the downside, it can mean things are loud, sometimes messy and can be incredibly distracting.

Working in a community environment like a business and technology precinct means that you’ll have your own office and space in a larger building, but can opt for shared amenities or joining a BTP Hub Serviced Office. You’ll also be joining a business community where businesses can stay connected via networking events, community newsletters and online social media platforms.


What About a Serviced Office Space?

If you’re only needing a small office but want something that offers more professional features and amenities then it’s possible that a serviced office could be for you.

A serviced office can be a great alternative for a smaller space with more flexible options. Business and Technology Precincts BTP Hub offer serviced offices with:

  • Free meeting room hire
  • 24/7 access
  • Plug and play facilities
  • Shared kitchen facilities
  • All furniture and utilities included
  • Monthly rates and flexible terms.


If this sounds like the right step for your business, learn more about Serviced Offices at BTP here


So you can see there’s a lot to consider before rushing into a new lease! The next step is to talk to our friendly and knowledgeable leasing team to help you right space for your business on 3368 9099. Or, have a look at our current listings.

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