Why You Need More Than Just An Accountant

By James Huy Vuong, Your Accounting Partners

James Huy Your Accounting Partners BTPDon’t get me wrong. Accountants are great! They do a great job. But I also know that in many businesses, most old school accountants specialise in the ‘rear view mirror’ perspective.

They focus on what’s happened and how to work with that. It’s old news. For a business to move forward, an accountant must be forward planning. For a business to start and go to scale and then sale, it needs an accountant who’s ‘more than an accountant’.

Here are three reasons why you need more than just an accountant.

  1. It’s the difference between standing still and getting where you want to be. An accountant should work with you as a partner. Partners care about where a business is going. They should be proactive and innovative thinkers with sights set on the future and how to arrive there successfully on target.
  2. An accountant should work with you to help establish your goals and then develop a forward plan that will help you achieve them. Without forward planning, business is at risk; it becomes reactive. And while we cannot change the past we can leverage a brighter future from everything we learned from it.
  3. A forward planning accountant can help your business deliver more flexibility, money, freedom and time; it’s insurance for a better future. And if, in the future you do consider selling the business, you should realise the best possible price.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” Mother Teresa

The time to start planning is now.


James Huy Vuong is a CPA and the owner of Your Accounting Partners.
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