Puma Energy’s New Headquarters at BTP Northshore Hamilton

Puma Energy Construction Site

Construction has commenced on a new building beside the BTP Hub at 371 Macarthur Avenue, BTP Northshore Hamilton, which will become the Australian headquarters of Puma Energy.

The global energy business provides high quality fuels, lubricants and other oil products to millions of business and retail customers every day. Graystone Development Manager, Andrew Stevens said, “We are thrilled to be chosen as Puma Energy’s development partner for its bespoke facility. Puma’s choice of this location is a testament to Graystone’s construction and development expertise, which will be drawn on to deliver this new premises that will become part of the $70 million next stage at BTP Northshore Hamilton, and include a new childcare facility and multi-storey car park.”
A time lapse camera has been positioned above the construction zone, which will capture each phase of the project. The camera is set up to take a photo every 30 minutes, allowing a bird’s eye view of the construction activity.


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