REMONDIS – Flood devastation causes temporary office move

    Only a few short weeks ago we experienced another devastating flood event in Brisbane. Many were forced to abandon their belongings and evacuate their homes and businesses, with one of most hard hit suburbs in Brisbane being Rocklea.  

    Remondis Australia one of the world’s largest recycling, services and water companies, was one of the Rocklea businesses that went under that weekend. Having been left with little to return to after the water receded Remondis needed to find immediate emergency office space to ensure business continuity with minimal disruptions. Remondis approached BTP by Graystone and within the span of a week BTP were able to accommodate them with a fully fitted 215m2 office including 2 internal private offices at their Westlink Green precinct in Darra. 

    Thankfully, the facilities in Darra were unaffected by the tremendous rain and flooding, and will reman the home for Remondis team while their Rocklea office repairs begin.  











    Before and after shots of the flood impact in the suburbs of Tennyson and Rocklea (Supplied: nearmap)

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