• Movers and shakers: Presidian Group

    June 13th, 2018 | by
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    Every month new businesses join the BTP community. This month we spoke to spoke to Andre Beeson, State Manager (QLD and NT) of the Presidian Group.

    Andre Beeson, State Manager, Presidian Group

    Andre Beeson, State Manager, Presidian Group

    What does the Presidian Group specialise in?

    The Presidian Group of companies is comprised of a range of financial services companies that offer products to both the B2B and B2C markets, including finance brokerage, salary packaging, novated leasing, operational leasing, retail insurance and warranty products.

    What influenced your decision to move to Brisbane Technology Park?

    When looking for new office space, we found Brisbane Technology Park provided the perfect balance between the convenience of a suburban office without having to compromise on the surrounding amenity and corporate culture. Being able to benefit from the cost savings of being outside the CBD, while still having access to premium facilities and surrounded by a good community culture is a real advantage for Presidian Group.

    How has the move to Brisbane Technology Park affected the Presidian team?

    From an operational perspective, the move was a great success. Everything came together on time and was executed seamlessly, which meant we had no downtime during the move. At Presidian Group we’ve always had a great corporate culture, but since moving to our new office at 29 Brandl Street, the morale of the team elevated instantly. Having access to not only a brand new office, but also brand new premium facilities in the building has made a big change.

    Do you have an existing relationship with any BTP occupants or do you see an opportunity for future relationships?

    Our parent company has for some time held their IT disaster management systems onsite here at Brisbane Technology Park. Throughout the 2011 Brisbane floods, this was critical to the business continuing to operate. On a day to day basis our retail financial services division will benefit from cross promoting and building relationships with the wide range of companies operating within the park.

    In what ways do you think being a part of the BTP community will help your company grow?

    Brisbane Technology Park in Eight Mile Plains holds an excellent geographical position which really suits our business. The facilities in the park are excellent, and the public transport opportunities are great for attracting potential staff in the future, as our business continues to grow.

  • Game on for Retail Marketing Group

    June 11th, 2018 | by
    Retail Marketing Group Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017 read more

    The 2018 Gaming Event calendar is well underway and bigger than ever, BTP Eight Mile Plains residents Retail Marketing Group once again had the front row seats thanks to their work with Intel, their OEM partners and the Australian Computing and Gaming retail channel.

    Retail Marketing Group Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017

    Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017

    Australian gamers spent $3.23 billion on all things gaming in 2017 according to new figures released by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA). That represents a 9% year on year increase and some serious spending on playtime.

    Those figures look set to rise this year with a stacked gaming calendar and continued growth in competitive and professional gaming celebrated at annual events like PAX Melbourne, ESL qualifiers and tournaments and the new crown jewel, IEM Sydney.

    Earlier this month, Intel held their Extreme Masters series event in Sydney following its highly successful debut last year. With close to 14,000 attendees across 2 days in 2017, the addition of a 3rd day to the 2018 event attracted over 20,000 people.

    Attendees watched on as 16 global professional e-sports teams went head to head in Counter Strike Go for a six digit first prize. For people who couldn’t make it to Sydney, the online viewership topped 10 million and Twitter impressions worldwide in the tens of millions. These big numbers are big business for brands in computing and gaming in Australia and around the APAC region.

    That’s where the team at Retail Marketing Group come in, specialising in consumer electronics retail and brand experiences, providing brands with marketing consultation, planning and execution in and around these events and tied to Australia’s retailers through promotions.

    They have a team of 7 Intel Agents representing Intel in retail nationally helping retailers match gamers with the right kit.

    Over 50 Retail Marketing Group event staff were in Sydney for IEM, helping attendees find their way around the different event zones, shopping for or building a new PC and helping them get hands on with Intel gaming and VR at experience zones throughout Qudos Arena.

    With many more exciting events in the 2018 gaming calendar, plans are well underway for what’s looking like an incredible year for the industry.

    Retail Marketing Group are switched on, plugged in and ready to press start on a great year for the Australian PC and gaming market. Game on!

    If you’d like to know more please get in contact with Chris at Retail Marketing Group and check out – http://en.intelextrememasters.com/season-13/Sydney/

  • Myths and Reality of the Suburban Economy

    April 4th, 2017 | by

    Written by THE SUBURBAN ALLIANCEhttps://www.suburbanalliance.com.au/myths-realities

    MYTH: All the jobs are in the Brisbane CBD and inner city.

    REALITY: Based on the Census, the CBD accounts for about 12% of jobs in the wider metropolitan region. Including inner city suburbs (Milton, Spring Hill, South Brisbane, Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills) this rises to nearly 20%. Meaning that the vast majority of jobs are in suburban centres throughout the metropolitan area. The reality is that, across South East Queensland, nine out of ten jobs are outside the inner city.

    MYTH: Everyone wants to live close to the CBD or inner city.

    REALITY: The share of people living in the inner city (CBD plus inner ring suburbs) is only 15% of the metropolitan region. Some 85% – the overwhelming majority – live in suburban areas. Not only this, but the growth of suburban populations is actually increasing by a factor of 8 to 1 compared with inner city populations. 

    MYTH: More public transport is the only solution to our congestion.

    REALITY: Public transport is used by around 8% of people across the metropolitan region. While essential to the efficient operation of our metropolitan region, the reality is that public transport mostly serves the minority of the population with jobs in the inner city. For the vast majority of people living and working in suburban markets, improvements to congestion and reduced travel times – for commuting and work related trips – will mean enhancements to our road networks are equally as important as upgrades to public transport. 

    MYTH: The jobs of the future will mostly be inner city 

    REALITY: Future industries and “knowledge workers” in fields like health, scientific, professional and technical roles, will likely have less – not more – need for centralisation in inner city locations. Many need to be near their clients and if these are suburban based, it makes little sense to take on high occupancy costs, high parking  costs and slow access and egress of the inner city. Our research will reveal than many new economy businesses are voting
    with their feet in favour of suburban business districts and office parks, which means these centres deserve just as much policy support as the city centre.

    Written by THE SUBURBAN ALLIANCEhttps://www.suburbanalliance.com.au/myths-realities

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