• BTP Northshore Hamilton – at the centre of new thriving hub of Brisbane

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    Northshore Vision
    “Northshore is more than the working wharves where Queensland exported its best to the world. Today it is an ever-changing playground of innovation and creativity, effortlessly connected to city, sky and sea.
    Northshore inspires new ways of seeing and interacting with the world. Famous for a festive, inventive food scene, Northshore pushes limits and alters perspectives.
    Where flavour captivates. Culture provokes. And bold thinkers take charge.
    A rejuvenating and sustainable lifestyle is embedded into Northshore. Repurposed structures and smart technology meet the expansive river edge,
    while laidback green spaces flex between everyday activity and unexpected activations.
    Set across a staggering 304 hectares, Northshore is bigger in scale, in ideas, and in discoveries. Every experience at Northshore invites you to dive deeper into the Brisbane way of life — and beyond into its future.”

    Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is a unique Government agency within the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning which combines property development, innovation and activation strategies with specialist planning and infrastructure functions to create places and investment opportunities for Queenslanders to prosper.

    EDQ are the master developer for Northshore Hamilton with 30 years of planned development on the horizon.

    With more plans underway, stage 1 of the Waterfront Development will bring this vision to life with fit for purpose projects that provide opportunities and spaces for tourism, creative arts and innovative enterprises, including flexible space for scale-up businesses enabling them to prosper during and beyond COVID-19 recovery.

    The vision includes adopting a strong innovation profile, supported by attraction space to increase visitation, which will be best placed to generate greatest economic benefit to Queensland. Unlocking the potential of Northshore’s waterfront will set the foundations for the long-term success of the precinct and the businesses within it.

    Only 10 years into a 40 year project, the next 30 years will see Northshore emerge as a vibrant $5 billion mixed-use city precinct.  EDQ’s role as master-developer is to create an appealing destination for people to live, work and play; ultimately attracting greater interest and private sector investment from key elements of:

    • Waterfront Placemaking – spaces and curated activities;
    • Attract and support enterprise, innovation and tourism; and
    • Land sales and infrastructure investment to facilitate permanent sustainable development.

    Creating appeal and value in Northshore includes embracing the site’s rich history, opening and activating the waterfront, delivering a range of diverse and engaging spaces, curating events and activities, retaining and adaptively re-using warehouses with historical value, supporting tourism and innovation demonstration projects and collaboration with industry and tertiary partners.

    Affirming Hamilton Northshore as a Priority Development Area, the state government has chosen the location to host a 14,000-bed athletes village for the 2032 Oylmpic Games.

    The village will host more than 10,000 athletes and team officials for the Olympic Games and more than 5000 for the Paralympics.

    The future of Northshore is burning brighter than with ever and BTP is set to reap the benefits of being at the centre of this thriving economic and cultural hub now and into the future.

    For all leasing enquiries please contact, Amber Farthing at e:  p: 0429 835 794  
  • 385 Macarthur Ave, new office building creating waves at Northshore Hamilton

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    385 MacArthur building completion

    Graystone group have now completed the fifth commercial office building for the BTP Northshore Hamilton precinct. 385 MacArthur Avenue boasts 3,500 square meters of lettable area, across the three level A-grade office building. Now complete, the building is 67% leased with prime ground floor tenancies currently still available.

    Designed by renowned Brisbane architect Blight Rayner, the building showcases brushed copper elements, recycled timber features and an abundance of natural light from the large windows and 3m tall ceilings. Complimenting the natural surroundings of the Hamilton area, 385 MacArthur also incorporates greenery with plenty of plants both inside and outside.

    385 MacArthur Avenue is located in the rapidly growing Northshore Hamilton business precinct, offering the opportunity for businesses to reside in cutting-edge modern office space. Just 6km from the Brisbane CBD the precinct provides excellent access to amenities and services; including café and dining, fitness, childcare and accessibility via the Gateway Motorway, Airport Link and Kingsford Smith Drive.

    Demand for suburban commercial properties continues to increase, as the sixth commercial building at BTP Northshore Hamilton is due to commence in early 2022.

    For all leasing enquiries please contact, Amber Farthing at e: p: 0429 835 794   

  • New Tenant for BTP Westlink Green – The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH)

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    The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) is a regional not-for-profit Community Controlled Health Service (CCHS) that leads the planning, development and delivery of health and family wellbeing services and employment pathways to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population of South East Queensland. IUIH delivers a comprehensive range of services in partnership with the four CCHSs of SEQ.

    IUIH runs a variety of programs to keep community engaged with services at all stages of life, some programs include Deadly Choices, Deadly Kindies and Birthing in Our Community.

    Deadly Choices builds on partnerships with CCHSs to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to complete an annual health check. It aims to empower community to make healthy choices for themselves and their families – to stop smoking, to eat healthily and to exercise regularly through its strong brand recognition and connectivity. 

    Deadly Kindies is modelled on the Deadly Choices program and uses the Deadly Kindy Kit as an incentive to encourage a comprehensive Health Check through local CCHSs and enrolment in kindergarten. The Health Checks are free and will pick up on and address health issues that might negatively impact children before school and disadvantage them once enrolled.

    Birthing in our Community has dedicated hubs on the North and South sides of Brisbane for mothers who are birthing an Indigenous baby. Mums involved in the BiOC program benefit from a dedicated Midwife who will care for them during their pregnancy journey and six weeks postnatal. Several other services are also available to help Mums birth their bubs and empower them to build a healthy and strong family. A study on BiOC was recently published in The Lancet and confirmed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women were 50% less likely to have a premature baby by participating in our BiOC program.

    On the 31st of May, all of IUIH’s programs and services will come together on the Deadly Choices Facebook page for a live stream for World No Tobacco Day.  Deadly Choices has many events lined up for 2021 including Young Olympic Deadlies, the Junior Murri Carnival and the QUT Netball Carnival.

    For more information please visit https://www.iuih.org.au/

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  • Biomedical Facility for Northshore Hamilton

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    Northshore Hamilton will become the homebase of a medical facility that will create needle-free vaccines for COVID-19. The proposed site at the Northshore Hamilton Priority Development Area is expected to bring 139 jobs and $497 million to the Queensland economy, with active production spanning 10 years.


    Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the partnership with Vaxxas, the manufacturer of the High-Density Micro-projection Array Patch (MAP) vaccine. A building from the Economic Development Queensland will be prepared for the medical company before the vaccine manufacture of 300 million patches every year beginning in 2022. 

    “For every parent worried about the anxiousness that comes with the delivery of a vaccine to a child through a shot, this technology has the potential to eliminate that anxiety,” Treasurer and Infrastructure and Planning Minister Cameron Dick said.

    Mr Dick also said that this facility will be significant to the economic recovery of the state from the pandemic as Queensland will attract highly-skilled jobs and advanced technology manufacturers.

    Due for completion by Q2, 2022, Vaxxas will be repurposing 4,000 square metres of warehouse within the Northshore Hamilton precinct into a biomedical facility providing offices, labs and cleanrooms.

    The advanced technology entails a dry-coated vaccine patch to be applied to the skin. The vaccine deposits into the skin’s immune cells, which will create an efficient immune response. A doctor or a nurse won’t have to administer the patch.

    Clinical trials at Australia’s Translational Research Institute in Woolloongabba show that the needle-free vaccines produce six times more antibodies within a short period compared to vaccines administered through the needle. 

    Vaxxas’ new vaccine has the support of the World Health Organisation, the pharmaceutical company Merck and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 





  • Spark Accountants share strategies on how to reduce your tax for the 2021 financial year

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    Adieu 2021, Welcome 2022!

    Before we say goodbye to the 2021 financial year, let’s make sure we do our absolute best to minimise our tax to keep our hard-earned money to ourselves, not the taxman!

    As company tax rate has been gradually decreasing, it is crucial to prepare yearly tax plans more than ever to bring forward any allowable deductions. If your accountant doesn’t provide this service, come and see us before it gets too late!

    For the 2021 financial year, here are the common strategies that people use to reduce this year’s tax.


    Plan your strategy to pay as little tax as possible for the 2021 financial year

    1. Top up your super

    For the extra amount you contribute to your superfund, it becomes a tax deduction in your return. The money that goes into your super gets taxed at 15% instead of your marginal tax rate.

    For example, if you are an individual with a taxable income between $45k to $120k, you are at the marginal tax rate of 34.5% (inc Medicare Levy, exc offsets). It means, every dollar you put in your super, you save 19.5 cents.

    This year, you can top up your super up to $25,000.


    2. Pay your employee’s June quarter super guarantee charges before 30 June 2021

    Superannuation contribution is deductible when it is paid. Pay your June quarterly superannuation before 30 June 2021 to receive the tax deductions this year, not the next year when the tax rate is reduced by 1%.



    3. Asset Purchase

    Seeking to buy a car or equipment for your business? If so, hurry to get it ready before 30 June 2021. The total amount of motor vehicle (Up to $59,136) or equipment will be fully deductible even if you purchase it with finance.


    4. Issue dividend

    Are you, your family members, or your trust a shareholder of your company? Have you considered issuing dividends this year? The fully franked dividend has a pre-taxed amount embedded, and you can receive a tax refund (franking credit refunds) by giving dividends.

    For example, suppose your non-income earning family member receives a fully franked dividend of $33,300 (taxable income $45,000 & assuming no other income). In that case, they are looking at the tax refund of $6,888 this year (Franking Credit of $11,700 less tax payable $4,812, Inc Medicare Levy & offsets).


    Budget Highlights

    The 2021-22 Federal Budget is a balancing act between a better than anticipated deficit ($106 bn), an impending election, and the need to invest in the long term.

    Among all changes, here are four things that will apply to most businesses and families.  


    1. Loss-carry back providing immediate deductions for business investment in capital assets

    Companies will be able to carry back losses (if any) from the 2020 and 2021 financial years to offset previously taxed profits in the 2019 and 2020 financial years. Under this measure, tax losses can be applied against taxed profits in a previous year, generating a refundable tax offset in the year in which the loss is made.

    The amount carried back can be no more than the earlier taxed profits, limiting the refund by the company’s tax liabilities in the profit years. The tax refund will be available on election by eligible businesses when they lodge their 2020-21, 2021-22, and 2022-23 tax returns.

    (Applicable to the companies with an aggregated turnover of less than $5 billion)


    2. Extension of the low and middle income tax offset

    The Low and Middle Income Tax Offset (LMITO) will be extended for another year. The LMITO provides a reduction in tax of up to $1,080 for individuals with a taxable income of up to $126,000 and will be retained for the 2021-22 year. The tax offset is triggered when a taxpayer lodges their tax return.

    Taxable income


    $37,000 or less


    Between $37,001 and $48,000

    $255 plus 7.5 cents for every dollar above $37,000, up to a maximum of $1,080

    Between $48,001 and $90,000


    Between $90,001 and $126,000

    $1,080 minus 3 cents for every dollar of the amount above $90,000


    3. Extension of an immediate tax deduction for the purchase of assets

    Businesses will be able to continue to fully expense the cost of new depreciable assets in the first year of use. This measure will enable an asset’s cost to continue to be fully deductible up front rather than being claimed over the asset’s life, regardless of the cost of the assets by 30 June 2023.


    4. Child care subsidy increase for families with multiple children

    From 1 July 2022, the Government will:

    • Increase child care subsidies available to families with more than one child aged five and under in child care, and
    • Remove the $10,560 cap on the Child Care Subsidy.

    For those families with more than one child in child care, the level of subsidy received will increase by 30% to a maximum subsidy of 95% of fees paid for their second and subsequent children (tapered by income and hours of care).


    Tax legistration changes from 1 July 2021

    From 1 July 2021, here are the top 3 things that you should be aware;-

    • Company tax rate change – The company tax rate will change from 26% to 25% in the 2022 financial year
    • Super Guarantee Charge – Employee superannuation contribution rate will change from 9.5% to 10% from 1 July 2021
    • Concessional contribution cap – Concessional contribution will change from $25,000 to $27,500.


    Spark Accountants – About Us

    A business accountant as passionate about your business as our own

    Working closely with family business owners and small businesses, we help you make informed decisions to maximise your profitability, optimise your cash flow and minimise your tax. 

    As experienced business accountants based in Brisbane, we take complete care of your books and give you the tools, strategies, and numbers-know-how to ensure your business thrives.

    Providing personalised service and advice that is tailored just for your business, we’re right by your side, driving your business to move forward. 

    Where accounting and business advisory was once a difficult activity for business owners, advances in technology now allow small businesses to better connect with their accountant and benefit from similar services that the big firms provide.

    As technology-loving accountants, we partner with Xero, setting up your business on their cloud accounting platform and working with you to streamline your accounting, take your bookwork blues away and help you focus on growing your business.








    Samantha Park, CA

    Director | Tax & Business Advisory | Spark Accountants

    3 Clunies Ross Court, Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113

    PO Box 221, Annerley, QLD 4103, Australia

    T: +61 7 3607 3837

    M: +61 424 615 214




    For more information on Spark Accountants please visit sparkaccountants.com.au

    Disclaimer: The information contained herein is provided on the understanding that it neither represents nor is intended to be advice or that the authors or distributor is engaged in rendering legal or professional advice. Whilst every care has been taken in its preparation no person should act specifically on the basis of the material contained herein. If assistance is required, professional advice should be obtained.

  • BTP Westlink Green tenant iiSolutions granted top tier funding by Qld Gov

    March 5th, 2021 | by

    On Friday 5th March, Local State MP for Mount Ommaney, MP Jess Pugh, Local Oxley Federal MP Hon Milton Dick, and Shadow Minister Hon Ed Husic, Minister for Industry and Innovation, visited the BTP Westlink Green Precinct to help celebrate BTP tenant, iiSolutions after they successfully received funding from Ignite Ideas, a fund proudly supported by the Advance Queensland initiative.

    The Members of Parliament were treated to morning tea, while iiSolutions presented their initiative to the room, that earnt them Tier 1 funding worth $100,000.

    The initiative was developed to help Queensland based start-ups and small to medium businesses commercialise innovative products, processes and services and empower them to grow and compete in a global market, creating new jobs in multiple industries.

    Mick Joslin, Managing Consultant and Director of iiSolutions says, “We’re very excited and proud to be selected for an Ignite Ideas, Advance Queensland Grant. This grant allows us to commercialise and promote our innovative Outside Plant (OSP) Software which helps Smart Cities and other industries, such as Digital Hospitals, Innovative Universities and Railway Companies, map their external assets and fibre optic networks”.

    For iiSolutions, the grant will assist with the legal registration of the software’s intellectual property and the development of marketing initiatives and sales focused activities for the OSP product to domestic and international customers. It will also enable iiSolutions to grow this sector of their business and in turn, create more Queensland jobs.

    For more information on iiSolutions please visit https://iisolutions.com.au/outside-plant-osp/.


  • TENANT HIGHLIGHT: TeleMedC in Focus

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    The Suites by Graystone has the opportunity to work and build relationships with incredible businesses and their teams and working with TeleMedC is no different. We sat down with CEO, Founder and Chair of the Board, Para Segaram to tell us more about TeleMedC as  they are paving the way for accessible retinal imaging with Artificial Intelligence software.

    What is TeleMedC currently working on?

    We are currently working on portable, retinal image grading technologies that will be delivered at low-cost to pharmacies, community clinics and primary care providers in the world market. This technology automates and speeds up the diagnosis and detection of many chronic eye diseases including Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma.


    What Is Diabetic Retinopathy?

    Diabetes affects over 1.7 million Australians and one third show signs of Diabetic Retinopathy. Diabetic Retinopathy is a condition where blood vessels in the back of the eye begin to bleed. As the condition worsens the leakage damages the patient’s eyesight. For diabetics, it is the world’s leading cause of vision loss or even blindness.


    How does the device work?

    Our portable scanning device, the EyeScan R2 is a fundus imaging camera, a non-invasive device that takes photos of the back of the eye. Due to its relative small size and low price in comparison to much larger, more expensive cameras that can only be found at eye specialists’ clinics and/or hospitals, it allows Family/GP clinics, pharmacies, etc. to have an easy to use camera to screen Diabetic Retinopathy and other eye diseases in a fast, efficient and very accurate way. Our AI Diabetic software has been TGA certified in Australia, CE marked in Europe and HSA certified in Singapore. 

    How will this technology help in future?

    Our screening/grading system will greatly help vast numbers of people to be screened whom, otherwise would not check their eyes. It is/will be extremely useful in the prevention of Diabetic Retinopathy, a precursor of Diabetes.  These eye screenings are very accurate (97%), very fast (within 2 minutes) and very affordable. 

    Our combined system of the EyeScan2 + our integrated AI technology can be placed in any family clinic or pharmacy where people can be screened without the need to go to an eye specialist. It is the first step towards a predictive and preventive eye care. It is significantly less expensive and less time consuming than a visit to an eye doctor: it is fast, reliable and affordable.

    Our system not only detects the disease as it grades the disease as mild, moderate or severe alerting the patient to see an eye specialist if necessary. A referral can be given at the time if performed during a GP visit. This allows patients to be screened as part of an overall health check and work with the GP in the best way to manage the disease. Further to this, by making screenings affordable and available in many locations allows a vast number of people, who would not otherwise be screened. It decreases the overall burden on hospitals allowing the eye specialists/surgeons to focus on the most needed cases and eye surgeries, reducing the overall costs of healthcare.

    Having our system in place as a basic tool in predicting and preventing eye disease allows large populations to have access to affordable and easy eye screenings that if not timely detected can lead to unnecessary blindness.

    For more information on TeleMedC please visit https://www.telemedc.com/.


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