• Pepper Kids Therapy opening their doors to our community in April

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    Great news for Brisbane Technology Park, with Pepper Kids Therapy opening their doors to our community in April.

    Based in 35 Miles Platting Road, the brand-new bespoke facility will provide a range of services to local children.

    Pepper Kids Therapy is a multi-discipline team of occupational therapists, speech pathologists and psychologists providing a holistic approach to helping children with a disability. Highly experienced, the team has a particular focus on early childhood early intervention (ECEI) and welcomes all self-managed and plan managed NDIS participants.

    They offer the below services:


    Our occupational therapists work with children to build independence and fundamental functional skills (e.g. motor skills, social skills), providing much needed help for medical conditions including intellectual disabilities, autism and other developmental disorders, mental illness, physical disabilities, neurological conditions, stroke and injury or burns victims.


    Our psychologists can help children who have problems coping with difficulties, particularly those with autism. We help children to deal with anxiety and to improve their coping skills, social skills and behaviour management. We also work with parents to better manage their child’s difficult behaviours


    Speech and language skills are essential for learning, understanding and communicating. Challenges with speech and language can make it difficult for children with a disability to communicate effectively. This can affect their ability to reach their potential.

    Our speech pathologists can assist with speech, communication, listening, understanding, social skills and a whole lot more.


    We offer training workshops and individual coaching programs for dealing with intense behaviours in children using evidence backed programs. At Pepper Kids Therapy we tailor our approach to therapy to benefit not only the child but the parent/caregiver also, providing a holistic approach to helping your child meet their goals.

    Please visit pepperkidstherapy.com.au for more information.


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