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Written by James Huy Vuong, Founder of Your Accounting Partners: Website – Your Business Online Shopfront

There was a time before that running your own business website can be optional, however, with the advent of technology, having one is as important as having a phone number!
Website Functions

The Internet is used all around the globe which means having your own website would expose and promote your business to as many customers at low cost.  This is an excellent way to launch and market your business. The main parts of a website are the list and description of your products, prices and promos, modes of payment, your business’ location, operating hours, and contact details. There are also some websites wherein you can carry out transactions and ask questions online.

The Advantages of a Website
  • Your customers will not only include people or companies from your local or nearby area but will also include buyers from other region or even from other countries.
  • A website provides and confirms credibility and professional image to your business.
  • It provides the customers convenience in knowing about you and your business, taking a look at your products or services, comparing prices, asking queries, and purchasing online.
  • Existing and new customers can be updated on your business’ new or improved products or services and give you comments or feedback.
  • A website provides you access to advertising tools like mailing lists and email newsletters which can help you save printing and postage costs. This is a good money-saving complement to your marketing printouts.
  • You would not need to spend additional money to update or modify your website.
  • You would be able to view the number of website visitors, the time they spend on checking your site, and the pages they usually visit. These are important information in improving your product or service and the website itself.
  • You may not be operating 24 hours in your store or office but your website is actually open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere around the globe!
Casing Point

John arrived home late one night when he remembered about his wife’s birthday the next day. He had not bought a gift and worse, all stores were already closed! He initially thought of ordering flowers but then, it was too late to order by phone. What he did was he searched online for ‘florists’. In just a few clicks, he was able to locate a local flower shop, ordered a bouquet of his own choice of arrangement, and paid it through credit card. He requested them to deliver the flowers to his wife’s office the next morning.

Feeling delighted, he decided to add more of his surprise and search on the internet his wife’s favourite – ‘French restaurants’. He found a listing and decided to book a reservation online for a dinner date on a newly opened restaurant after checking the photos and menu on their website.

John is satisfied. He was able to order flowers and book a romantic dinner as a surprise for her wife’s birthday at the comfort of his chair. Most of all, his wife will be pleased that he had not forgotten!

Website Design

There are hundreds of available DIY websites to help you create your own website. You should be careful in selecting the design. It should not be too flashy and the colours should be eye-friendly.

On the other hand, you may hire a web designer. If you would choose this option, make sure you will be taught how to update and maintain the website yourself.

You may choose either of these two choices, but always ensure your website:

  • Shows your business image
  • Has a professional look and feel
  • Addresses your customers’ frequently asked questions about your products or services
  • Includes relevant, accurate, and helpful contents
  • Is easy to find, fast to load, and simple to navigate
  • Is updated and maintained regularly.
Next Step

Understand your goal. What do you want your website to do?

Consider your audience. Who would likely visit your site? What will attract them? What contents and features are they searching for?

Check other websites and see what does and doesn’t apply, as well as the functions that should and should not be included on your business website.

Determine your budget. Identify how much it would cost on creating your own website and hiring a web designer.


About the Author

James Huy Vuong the Founder of Your Accounting Partners, a Brisbane based Business support agency. Specialising in providing bookkeeping, accounting, tax and compliance, business valuation and business sales services to local small business owners.

His passion for business was evident very early on at the start of his career in accounting. He embarked on an unconventional path away from the traditional position with one of the big 4 accounting firms like most aspiring young graduate in his field. He decided instead through the lure a more diverse role, more pay and a much cooler title to work with Australia largest telco as a Business Specialist. He entered the world of business management and ownership in the hospitality industry for the invaluable hands-on experience one could not get just by reading textbooks, understanding debits and credits and passing exams. Huy has also spent a good part of a decade in the financial services industry owning and managing his family business which has lead him to start Your Accounting Partners. Your Accounting Partners sets out to help time-poor, frustrated business owners do better business by partnering with business owners on their ownership journey and making it together. Your Accounting Partners specialises in hospitality, service-base & professional services businesses. His mission is to help business owners use their business to give back to the family what it takes out. When it comes to business we say “You focus on what you do best, partnering with us and we’ll take care of the rest”.

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