One of our newest tenants brings with them world class mortgage solutions

The Connector Group have several divisions with the most prominent being Loan Connectors. Loan Connectors partner with major Real Estate groups throughout Australia.

They offer their customers a personalised Mortgage Broking experience designed to ensure their property goals are achieved sooner. With extensive Real Estate knowledge, Loan Connectors approach ensures all customer are “buyer-ready”, they never want finance to be the reason you didn’t secure your dream property.

With so many financial businesses locating their operations out of Melbourne and Sydney it’s wonderful for Queensland that the Connector group proudly chose Brisbane Technology Park as the central hub for their Australian operation.

That same move is even better for the tenants of BTP. You now have world class mortgage brokers on your doorstep. Whether you’re buying a home, investment, refinancing or you just want a health check on your current Mortgage; Loan Connectors located on the Ground Floor 1 Miles Platting Road (next to Quest) can assist.  

Carmel Kellett, the former CEO of Hodges Real Estate Group in Victoria, is one of three Co-founders of Connector Group. When asked about why Loan Connectors grows from strength to strength, she replied “Let’s face it, buying your dream home or 1st investment property can be a stressful experience. It’s not only a matter of do I want to buy it, and can I afford it, more and more what matters is, am I the best person in the race to buy it. Am I financially ready to put my best foot forward. Home buying is becoming a competitive sport, to win you need the best coach. That’s where Loan Connectors shine,” says Carmel. ”We nurture buyers to a point where they are in a financial position to put their best foot forward and be buyer ready”

Loan Connectors is the finance broking experience designed just for you. They will connect you with the best finance option that suits your needs so you can be buyer-ready when you need it.

For more information call 1800 958 426 or visit

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