4 New Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Have you noticed that when your employees are happy and excited about their work that things just get done?  

But the pressure of deadlines in the workplace and the ever-growing list of responsibilities that come with raising a family outside of work can often impact employee productivity and quality of work.

That’s why you need to make sure that when the going gets tough, you’ve got strategies in place to keep your employees motivated and productive. That’s why we’ve put together some tips on improving your employees motivation and productivity.


1. Social & Networking Event

Social and networking events have been proven to boost employee productivity. By giving your employees the chance to meet people in their industry and in similar roles, productivity can be increased through learning and engagement.

There are number of networking events hosted around Brisbane every month across every industry. By encouraging your employees to meet more people in your industry they can learn new skills and become more enthusiastic about their roles.

There is a stigma associated with employee networking that it’s only for those who are looking to find a new job. But that’s not always true. Employees can be motivated by growing their personal network and be inspired to increase their productivity in their own jobs.

BTP hosts regular events for employees within each precinct to build their networks and encourage a community of knowledge sharing


2. Flexible Work Hours

There have been a number of studies in the last 5 years have tested the theory that flexible working hours increase employee productivity. These studies have proven that those with flexible working hours….

  • Are able to get more work done
  • Are able to complete their work to a higher standard
  • Take less sick days
  • Are happier in their work and home lives

These results have been duplicated a number of times.

There are a lot of reasons that this works including instilling trust in workers.

The time when flexible working arrangements won’t work, is when those arrangements are hard to organise or there are too many rules attached. The hardest part about flexible working is finding a way to make it work for you and your business. Be open and honest with your employees to find a system together that works for all parties. By keeping things transparent you’ll find the best arrangement and increase employee productivity and motivation.


3. Provide Learning & Growth Opportunities

While it’s obvious that you need to make sure that your newest employees are sufficiently trained, don’t forget about your long-term employees.

When training and development opportunities are accessible to your employees it will encourage them to acquire new skills and apply them to their current roles. By considering their careers and development, you’re showing your employees how valued they are. Work closely with your employees to find out what areas interest them and use that to help develop their personalised  training programs.

Don’t forget to give your employees the time to implement their new skills. The other bonus of offering growth and development opportunities is that your best employees won’t feel the need to leave to boost their careers.  


4. New Office Space

Do you feel happy and inspired when you’re going into a cold room, with low light, stains on the floor and a chair that doesn’t adjust properly?

Probably not – and that goes for your employees too. A work space where people are uncomfortable and unhappy will inevitably mean that your employees aren’t going to be able to work effectively and will ultimately lose interest in trying to do their best work for you.

Here are some key ingredients to making your office a productive environment:

  • Natural light
  • Effective use of space – not too crowded, not too sparse
  • Plant life
  • Break areas and alternative work spaces

Providing these four things in the office will make your employees feel happy and as though they’re not chained to a desk for 8 hours a day.


BTP offers all of these things for your business and employees. To improve your employee productivity, the next step is to talk to our friendly and knowledgeable leasing team to help you right space for your business on 3368 909. Or, have a look at our current listings.

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