8 Reasons You Should Move to a New Office

Today’s world is competitive, with businesses striving to stay relevant, profitable and at the top of their game. The need to find an edge has not only created shifts in how we do business but also, where.
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More and more companies are moving their teams to a modern office environment. So, why is this? It’s not only that these buildings showcase amazing architecture and design. They’ve also been proven to provide undeniable benefits to an organisation, and in some cases, even the bottom line.

Here are eight reasons why moving to a state-of-the-art office space is good for business.

1. Higher Employee Productivity

Your employees’ work environment can have a big impact on productivity. Remember how much time is spent in the office. A drab, outdated office can hurt morale and productivity, which will almost certainly affect your profitability. There’s nothing like a change of environment to get staff feeling motivated and enthusiastic.

Beautiful, interesting workplaces make people happy. A new, fresh workplace will significantly boost the mood of your staff and increase motivation, making them look forward to work rather than counting down the minutes to the weekend.

2. Increased Efficiency

If you’re currently working in an office with outdated technology, you know how hard it can be to get even the simplest tasks completed. Fast, reliable internet connection is as vital as electricity to an efficient workplace. Moving to a new office gives you access to the latest technology that will support your systems and save time and money.

Many new commercial buildings also incorporate sustainable building design to create operating efficiencies. With low-energy technologies, newer appliances and equipment, sustainably sourced smart lighting, and the clever integration of natural sunlight, companies benefit from lower maintenance costs and overheads.

3. Customised Design

Many existing workplaces simply don’t have the space to allow for reconfigurations. A new office space can be customised to suit your organisation and the way you work or want to work. You can optimise the space in a way that best supports the movement of your employees and visitors.

For some businesses, this could mean extra offices and workstations, while others may build designated spaces for staff collaboration, meeting spaces, or relaxing breakout rooms. Even manufacturing facilities can be incorporated to make logistics more efficient. With a new office, you have a flexible space to implement new and exciting ways of working.

4. Room For Growth

As a company grows, there is a greater demand for space. Employees can be forced to share restricted workspaces, compete for meeting rooms, or be unable to access space to relax during lunch and break time. Over time, this friction can affect the relationships between staff and shift your employees’ views of the company.

While it can be difficult to know how much space your business will need in future, finding an office environment with room to expand is critical. A new office allows you to play with the workspace design, creating space to accommodate the addition of more staff.

Future planning can be thought about in the initial planning phases and incorporated in the design phase. From cubicles to open plan, workstation pods to standing desks, a modern space can be adapted to meet the changing needs of your business.

5. Attract New Clients and Staff

A new office location is an opportunity to bring your workplace into line with your company brand—who you are, your culture, and what you represent. It can elevate your company image, bringing a new level of prestige. For companies like Google, which require smart, creative and in-demand workers, the office forms part of the competitive edge in recruitment.

Your office is the face of your company, and the quality and aesthetic of your workplace can leave a lasting first impression for potential employees and visitors. It’s a sign of growth and dynamism, which can make potential customers and employees more inclined to do business with you.

6. Support Work-Life Balance

Businesses today understand that fostering a sense of work-life balance is essential to staff happiness, productivity and retention. New offices are often built in close proximity to amenities, including shops, eateries, green spaces and public transport, making it convenient for people to get in and out of the office.

With traffic congestion causing stress on our roads every day, employees are increasingly looking for ways to relieve the long, weary workday commute. Suburban office parks, like Business and Technology Precincts, are designed to offer workplace solutions in an easy to access location, providing jobs closer to home that allow employees to travel against the traffic.

7. Better Employee Well-Being

Gone are the days when staff were expected to sit at their desk all day. We now know it’s important for employees to take time for exercise—to recharge and refocus. Not to mention healthy active employees take fewer sick days.

Most modern offices include bike racks, gymnasiums and end-of-trip facilities so that staff can cycle, walk or run to work, or exercise at lunchtime. With the right environment and resources, your business can promote a desirable culture of health and wellbeing.

8. Reduced Staff Turnover

Employee turnover is costly, both emotionally and financially. Every time an employee leaves your organisation, it affects work productivity, time and staff morale.

Everybody wants to feel appreciated. A new office shows how your company appreciates its employees. It can be designed with your employees’ preferences in mind, providing different areas that allow for different personalities and teams to work to their full potential. Providing a work environment where your employees feel comfortable and engaged will encourage them to stick around longer.

For many businesses, an office move is just what’s needed to gain efficiency and engagement. If you’re interested in moving your business into the future, talk to our team at Business and Technology Precincts about our three prestigious office locations across Brisbane.

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