BTP Movers and Shakers: NewVoice Australia

Every month we welcome new businesses to the BTP community. This month we spoke with Gavin Dickie, Managing Director of NewVoice Australia, a recent occupant of Brisbane Technology Park.

NewVoice AustraliaWhat does your company specialise in?

New Voice is a software company that was established in 1991 and supplies a product called MobiCall. MobiCall is a truly unified emergency control and response solution that utilises voice communications rather than just SMS, Paging or TEXT based messaging. MobiCall guarantees an outcome by automating delivery of critical events and alarms in real time voice, receiving real time acknowledgement, performing real time escalations, and instantaneously collaborating.

Do you have an existing relationship with a BTP occupant or do you see an opportunity for new relationships in the future?

Our model to market is with resellers and strategic partners. These partners are specialists in the ICT industry, such as Nexon Asia Pacific, an existing BTP occupant. We are looking for partners that provide ICT solutions into all types of industries as Mobicall offers value into any environment where alerts/alarms are generated.

What influenced your decision to make the move to the Brisbane Technology Park?

We recognised the need to settle into an environment of likeminded people with an opportunity to offer a complementary solution to all ICT companies wanting to add value to their existing offerings. We intend to develop a managed service and the existing infrastructure within Brisbane Technology Park was an important factor in selecting this location.

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