InfoMine Founder Inducted Into International Mining Hall of Fame

Infomine Founder Award - BTP Westlink Green

Andy Robertson, Founder, Executive Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of InfoMine, has been inducted into the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame in the category of Environmental Management and Stewardship.

The honor was bestowed upon Dr Robertson as a result of his career-long commitment to protecting the environment and water quality in local communities from the impacts of mining.
Dr. Robertson is passionate about improving the design, construction, operation and closure of tailing dams to protect current and future generations from extreme events. With the goal of making tailing dams physically and environmentally safe, he continues to serve on multiple peer review panels and independent design review boards for some of the tallest and most challenging tailing dams in the world.

Naomi Robinson, InfoMine’s Australasian and South-East Asian Regional Manager, said that the recognition not only reflected Dr. Robertson’s dedication to environmental sustainability, but also the mentality of InfoMine as a whole. “We are focused as a global team on setting a high bar in environmental stewardship. As a region, the Brisbane team is committed to assisting mining companies in the Australasia region meet environmental standards, and through Dr. Robertson’s leadership we provide the support they need,” Ms. Robinson said.

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